Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mend Our Michael

As many may know our dearest Michael is in the hospital with pneumonia. I've decided this guy needs a little extended love from family and friends. There is a link to donate money and gift ideas.

Favorites of Michael that will be added to the bag:

Comic books
delicious candy
cactus plant (with a name)
Books - this boy loves to read
Video games
Kiwi fruit
movie tickets
itunes movie downloads
gift certificates

...and any other suggestions you think he'd love

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Well, it looks like for the first time since we were married, we will actually stay in one location for longer than a year. It has never happened. I'm pretty excited. We have lived in Taiwan, Provo, Boston, California, New Mexico and Brooklyn. So, yes, we are staying in Brooklyn, but we are moving houses. So, I guess it still holds true, that we move every year. But, we found an amazing Brown Stone in Park Slope that is right across from Prospect Park. It's a dream come true, truly. We will move to our new home at the end of September. I will actually only get a few nights in the new place because I am off to Oaxaca Mexico with my sister Rochelle. We will be attending a Spanish Language Immersion Program for two months. After, we plan to take a our new Spanish skills and travel in Chiapas. I am going to meet up with Michael in Cancun before heading back to a cold, cold New York City. That's the plan. So, look out for some colorful pictures of beautiful Mexico. For now, here are some lovely New York pics. We love you, every one of you.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pictures and tiny bits of typing

Rochelle's Graduation from the School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont

Murakami at the Brooklyn Museum

Ol' Coney Island

Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Golden Shoulders at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn

Pretty ladies, Beky and Di

Roller Skater's in Central Park

Michel Gondry Exhibit

Here we are...

Oh goodness! So it's been awhile (again). But, I really want to start up the blog and share our New York adventures. Summer is here and New York is getting really fun. I love living in Brooklyn. There is such a strong community feeling here. I sometimes catch myself sining the Sesame Street "People in Your Neighborhood song," as I am walking around. It's great, I'm beginning to build friendships with so many new people.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Oh, hello friends and family. So, we two have migrated once again. Our last post was months ago (sorry) due to us both being inundated by work and grad school applications. But, things have settled and we are doing really well living in Brooklyn New York- reunited with many wonderful friends and yes it feel so good cause it's understood...
We live in an old Jewish Hospital that has an elevator that takes us up, up, up to the 9th floor where we reside in a two bedroom apartment that has an AMAZING view of Manhattan. Oh, and PS- there is this tiny extra room, the nook. It's a great place for reading, movie watching and is perfect for guests (hint hint).
We have been living here for a few months. Here is a tiny taste of April and Michael in New York:
1. Beky is our roomie. She recently returned from Thailand and needed a family, which was perfect because we needed a daughter.
2. We live close to the Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Public Library, and Prospect Park.
3. After living here for a week, I saw Michael Cera sitting on the back of a parked truck holding a hot dog, about to film a scene for his upcoming movie. It was crazy because I was about to cross the street and I looked over to my right and he was there and I ofcourse felt like I knew him and squealed, "Hi". It was pretty exhilarating for me- cause I love him alot.
4. Comedy Night at Rififi's: Di says that the first night we went was the best night she had ever experienced. We saw Eugene Mirman , a producer from the Daily Show, Demitri Martin, and a bunch of other hilarious people. So worth the $5 dollars we paid to get in.
5. Craftacular put on by Etsy and Bust Magazine. Um, Amy Sedaris was there signing her book and selling cupcakes. Beky was so lucky- she found one of her hairs in the cupcake she purchased- normally gross- but this time great. We plan to clone her.
So many cute crafts and "do it yourself" treasures. Oh, I also saw Aaron and Julia Ruell. Aaron was Kip in Napoleon Dynomite. I have not seen them since before the film was released- they are wonderful people.
6. Serendipity 3 Yummersville
7. Oh, Suvi lives on the same street, although a few blocks down, but it's still pretty wonderful.
8. Trying out ALL the Bikram Yoga Studios
9. A new bike and bike riding around Prospect Park
10. MUSEUMS galore

Friday, October 5, 2007

From San Jose to Santa Fe

Believed to be built on sacred earth with miraculous healing powers, the legendary El Santuario de ChimayĆ³, is probably the most visited church in New Mexico. Each year during Holy Week thousands of people make a pilgrimage to ChimayĆ³ to visit the Santuario . Believers that make the pilgrimage claim to have been cured. We saw the walls of the church decorated with tons of discarded crutches.

Not far from the Nambe house is Bandelier National Monument. Here, we were able to tour ancient ruins of the Pueblo people whom built thriving communities 600 years ago. It was amazing to climb the ladders and enter the ancient dwellings along the sheer cliffs. PS we have some lovely companions: Ro and Lee and the Goods- yippeeee.

I think the Chimayo Chile is my favorite.
The Roasting of the Chile.
It's a very exciting time to be in New Mexico because the chiles are being harvested and roasted and incorporated inrto amazing foods. I made some great salsa with fresh green chile, yum.

Buddies and Pals
I love this dude. The most beautiful snake with pretty markings that matched the adobe house so nicely. I thought it very lucky that we met him.

We went on a drive to the Rio Grande Gorge up in Taos.
Dancing darlings at New Mexico State Fair

The Dream House in Nambe. Goodness, we were delighted to stay in this beautiful Adobe home near Santa Fe. It came with two hilarious and cuddley pups. I was very happy here all September.

Let me introduce you to Old Man Gloom. Every year in Santa Fe they have the burning of the Zozobra. He is a fifty-foot marionette that represents all the gloom and misfortune of the year. Everyone gathers to say good bye to their blues and watch him burn. It was quite an exciting event.

Unbelievable right? This picture is dedicated to the Takahashi family as inspiration for our holy pile.
Pojoaque Pueblo

El Pinto in my favorite restaurant in New Mexico. It was where I had my first dinner with Michael's family before we were married.
This is my beautiful friend Tehya and her precious bebe Isa. I love taking walks in the New Mexico rain with these adventurous lovelies.

This sky means we are in New Mexico

Funky Cement TeePee Motel

So, So Grand


A visit to the Grand Canyon, for my very first time. Miguel came when he was little and flew over in a tiny plane, fancy. It was cute to go together and watch the sunset in such a grand place.

This was "James Dean's last stop." It is somewhere near Barstow and um, they sell excellent pistachios here.

Big Sur is pretty dreamy. I am so glad we finally made it to the Pacific Ocean. We had a lovely picnic near the waterfall that is in the far left of the above picture.


Most perfect family, the Moores. Amy and Josh are amazing, kind people and I want to be just like them one day. They have always been so good to me since they took me in and loved me when I was a little lost kitten in Southern California. Now they have a little lady, Olive, and I was so pleased to finally meet her. So, so cute.